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Community Mausoleums…
a Secure, Protected Memorial Option
Mausoleums offer an enduring peace of mind, preserving the memory, sanctity, and integrity of your loved ones. A mausoleum crypt offers secure protection and remains clean and completely dry. The burial containers do not come in contact with the earth.
Some of the most well-known monuments in history are mausoleums, containing concrete or stone crypts to store the caskets. Famous above-ground entombment Sites include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Westminster Abbey and the Tomb of Christ.
Community Mausoleum is above-ground building that entombs large numbers of people. You choose which space location, or "crypt" you would like, and whether you want a single or companion crypt, you also select the location level (eye-level for most families most desirable).
Memorializing community mausoleum crypts involves your choice of a "crypt plate," a flat memorial made of various bronze and granite materials, installed in front of the crypt and can be inscribed with specific personal information (similar to what would be inscribed on a grave memorial).
Another advantage of the community mausoleum is that the vault, o/c, and memorialization are generally included in the price, whereas they are separate components with the traditional ground burial.
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