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a Memorialization Choice that's Growing in Popularity
Cremation is becoming a popular choice for many families for many different reasons. Cremation allows for more freedom with funeral services, and for many people, it just feels like the right option for them. When thinking about cremation, you will need to choose a crematorium to perform the actual cremation. Once that decision has been made, you need to decide what type of memorialization you would like. There are many different options, including but not limited to:
  1. Scattering the ashes in a place that has special meaning
  2. Placing the ashes in a cremation "urn," then placing the urn in a burial space
  3. Placing the ashes in an urn, then placing the urn in a cremation "niche" (either in a community mausoleum or "columbarium," which is a building that entombs cremation urns)
  4. Placing the ashes in an urn, then placing the urn somewhere meaningful (other than a cemetery)
  5. Doing nothing with the ashes and simply have a memorialization service.
Cremated remains are often placed in a urn, which can be placed in a mausoleum niche or wall niche called a "columbarium." The urn may also be buried in a family burial space or urn garden where a marker is used to memorialize the site. A relatively new alternative to a memorial urn is a cremation garden. Within a cremation garden, there are a variety of options for memorialization
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