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Private Mausoleums…
the Pinnacle of Mausoleum Entombment
Private mausoleums offer personalization and signify perseverance, prestige, and community involvement. Family estate (private) mausoleums lend dignity and honor to the family name with a distinct and separate structure, reserved for private remembrance and reflection.
It's an above-ground building, built specifically at the request of an individual, and generally, entomb the members of one single family. Land is purchased prior to construction.
A private mausoleum makes it possible for frequent visits with your loved ones in a personal, convenient, and comfortable setting. Classic elements such as bronze doors, stone columns, and stained glass windows further add to the privacy, security, tranquility, and beauty of a family mausoleum.
A private mausoleum is a lasting statement of the love and friendship you have shared with others, and the profound impact they have had on your life. It's the most comfortable way to connect with those you love emotionally, spiritually, and physically…even when they are no longer here.
Each private mausoleum is crafted from the ageless beauty of granite and bronze, creating an impressive and respectful memorial. Virtually impervious to nature's elements, granite is the hardest natural building material known today. Therefore, the beauty of your private mausoleum will endure for many years to come.
Consider it your own private sanctuary, providing a serene and comfortable environment where you can visit with, pray for, and honor your loved ones.
The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and Westminster Abbey are all examples of this time honored method of burial. From ancient days to the present, the Private Mausoleum has been regarded as the preferred form of mausoleum entombment.
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