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Your cooperation regarding the following regulations is appreciated. All major cemetery cleanup dates are clearly posted at cemetery entrances. There are at least five major cleanups per year, winter and one week after; Easter, Motherís day, Memorial Day and Father's Day.
Other cleanups may also be posted as needed.
• No interment will be permitted or body be received unless proper information is furnished, providing the name and residence of the deceased & name of the nearest relative, except through County or City authorities.
• No dis-interments shall be made except by cemetery employees with the consent of cemetery authorities and written consent of lot owners/legal representatives or proper authorities.
• Disinterment shall be made only by cemetery employees with the consent of cemetery authorities and written consent of lot owners/legal representatives or proper authorities. All documentation regarding state permits and out of state transit permits (if applicable) must be in order for work to proceed.
• No interment will be allowed until proof of lot ownership is verified by the cemetery Manager.
• Authorization is given to cemetery employees only in work done within cemetery grounds.
• Only flat bronze memorials are permitted within the Memorial Park sections, size determined by lot size.
• Granite monuments are not allowed in the Memorial Park sections.
• Upright monuments are allowed on two grave lots and up in the traditional sections. Monument sizes and designs are subject to cemetery official approval.
• All Monuments purchased by outside vendors must be approved by cemetery officials. Monument and foundation design requests are to be submitted for approval and dimension specification clarification.
• Upright headstones are permitted on double-depth lots, but not sequentially.
• Upright headstones are not permitted on single graves.
• No trees, shrubbery or plants shall be planted, pruned, or removed without the consent of the cemetery Manager. Manager shall have the authority to prune, remove, or transport any shrubbery upon a lot whenever deemed necessary.
• No enclosures such as fences shall be allowed around any lot without the cemetery Managerís approval.
• No planting unless by Manager Approval.
• Private Mausoleums are allowed on property that is jointly agreed upon by purchaser and cemetery. Construction will be done at purchaserís expense.
• No person and or persons shall be permitted in the cemetery when the gates are closed unless given permission by Manager. Persons in violation to this are subject to trespassing violations.
• Cemetery is required to have at least 24 hour advance notice of any scheduled interment.
• Any funeral arriving past noon on Saturday is subject to late fees equaling $100.00 per hour for each hour PAST 12:00pm.
• Rules and regulations are subject to change at anytime per management discretion.
• Cemetery reserves the right to postpone or delay a scheduled funeral if weather and conditions are deemed unsafe by Manager. Cemetery will notify family or Funeral Director as soon as possible once decision is made to postpone.
• Weather conditions are subject to cause an increase in opening/closing charges.
• Adult markers must be a minimum of 24x12 in dimension. Any marker under that size shall be designated for Infants.


Fresh cut flowers in self supporting containers are permitted at any time.
Artificial flowers and potted plants may only be placed 3 days before and left one week after the special days of easter, mothers day, memorial day and fathers day. Decorations left beyond the posted cleanup date following these special days will be removed.
Hazardous to lawn maintenance such as harnesses on upright monuments, ornaments, statues, wire pins, glass containers, rock fencing, metal flag and plant holders are not permitted. Excessive decorations are strictly prohibited. Management reserves the right to remove decorations from any lot in violation.
Silverbrook Cemetery will provide any florist a map and location number for any lot free of charge. There is a ten dollar fee for any arrangement that SB is asked to deliver themselves. We will not deliver any arrangement left outside office door.


Flags are permitted 3 days before Memorial Day and will be removed after Flag Day, June 14th. Flags are also permitted 3 days before and 1 week after July 4th and Veterans Day.

Winter decorations

Winter decorations are permitted from November 15th to February 1st. Decorations left after February 1st will be removed.


Please exercise caution when visiting the cemetery. Be sure to guard all belongings and possessions. Please do not lean on upright monuments and watch footing when weather is foul. Children must be closely supervised. Radios must be turned down as to not disturb other visitors. All vandals will be prosecuted.
The cemetery has the right to periodically clear the entire cemetery and remove all items that are contrary to regulations. Cemetery is not responsible for these items removed.
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