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We offer many options for interment, all of which are dignified, respectful, and personalized.
Ground Burial
The space for ground burial is called a plot. The size of the plot can vary from an individual space to a family estate.
Lawn Crypt
Is similar to the traditional in-ground burial, yet offers the key benefits of above-ground entombment
A mausoleum crypt offers secure protection and remains clean and completely dry.
Silverbrook offers a variety of different mausoleum options both
Private and Community, with our community mausoleums offering both single and tandem crypt options.
Cremation Memorialization
Cremated remains are often placed in an urn, which can be placed in a mausoleum niche or a wall niche called a "columbarium."

Any urn may be intered in a family burial space or urn garden where a marker is used to memorialize the site.
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